Gone with the Wind in Kōbe

In an unfortunate turn of the events we went to Kōbe during a typhoon. Sh*t happens. I didn’t mind the rain, but the wind was so strong, it was not safe to be running outside. Be sure to check the weather forecasts when you go to Japan. It might be dangerous to run around during strong typhoons and you will spend your vacation in your hotel room, if you don’t plan accordingly. Lucky for us the typhoon passed Kōbe in late afternoon.


Turns out Kōbe has a great underground shopping area aka Santika underground shopping mall, which is a freaking maze with different floor levels. You can spend the whole day there without going outside. It seems all locals had the same idea. The shopping mall was crowded with all kinds of people enjoying their free time. We spend half a day walking around and even landed in an Otaku shopping area at some point. Yes, Maid Cafes are a real thing in Japan. No, we didn’t go to one. Managed to scare a maid while walking by though.

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Gyeongsangbuk-do: Unmunsa and Vegan Jjajangmyeon

My favorite Buddhist Temple in Korea is located in Gyeongsangbuk-do (경상북도) and is called Unmunsa (운문사/ 雲門寺) or “Cloud Gate Temple” in English. It might be less known among foreign tourists, because it is not easy to reach. However I love this temple especially because of it’s beautiful location amid lush forests and mountains. There are buses going there from Daegu Nambu Terminal and from Cheongdo Bus Terminal, but it is more convenient to go there by car and enjoy some great scenery along the way.


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Bar Hopping in Hongdae

Day 4

Dongdaemun, Han River, Hongdae

Blogging about our vacation makes me want to go back there. I wish we had more time and did more sightseeing on the last day in Seoul, but my mom was tired, the weather wasn’t all that good and we had to meet our friends.

We started by eating in an Italian restaurant in front of our hotel. There are some really great places around Seoullo! I had Squid Ink spaghetti for the first time. It was unexpectedly delicious. Probably the best spaghetti I ever had! I cannot remember the name of the place, but it is located in front of the Seoul Station. There are other restaurants and cafes in there (great burgers too!), so it is worth a look if you are visiting Seoullo 7017 (18, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu | Daewoo Jaedan Bldg., Seoul 04637, Südkorea).


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