Bar Hopping in Hongdae

Day 4

Dongdaemun, Han River, Hongdae

Blogging about our vacation makes me want to go back there. I wish we had more time and did more sightseeing on the last day in Seoul, but my mom was tired, the weather wasn’t all that good and we had to meet our friends.

We started by eating in an Italian restaurant in front of our hotel. There are some really great places around Seoullo! I had Squid Ink spaghetti for the first time. It was unexpectedly delicious. Probably the best spaghetti I ever had! I cannot remember the name of the place, but it is located in front of the Seoul Station. There are other restaurants and cafes in there (great burgers too!), so it is worth a look if you are visiting Seoullo 7017 (18, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu | Daewoo Jaedan Bldg., Seoul 04637, Südkorea).


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Gangnam Style

Day 3

The other side of the river

COEX, Lotte World Tower, Gangnam

I wish we would have done something different instead of going to COEX, but I wanted to visit an aquarium with my mom. To be honest, COEX is not the best choice, although they do have some impressive sea life in there, but I think a lot of the fish tanks are too small. I honestly felt bad for all the animals at some point. COEX itself contains convention centers and exhibition halls as well as a shopping mall with a lot of restaurants. It is easy to find, there are two subway stations which come in question:

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Beautiful Past

Where to go, what to see and what to eat?

Day 2

Palaces on Foot

Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk Museum of Korea, Bukchon, Changdeokgung Palace, Insadong und Deoksugung Palace 

Starting from Gwanghwamun Square (광화문광장) at 9 in the morning, which is a glorious sight on it’s own, we went to Gyeongbokgung palace (경복궁) first. Which was closed because it was Tuesday…fail. But we managed to get in on the next day.

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Every beginning is hard. Shall we start?

How to start this first entry?

I have been thinking about starting a traveling blog for a long time, but there was just not enough time, not enough content and all the other excuses. I do not know if this blog will turn out good and interesting, but I want at least try it out. English is not my first language, not even my second, so please bear with me. The idea has been sitting in my head for a long time. I love traveling and have an incredible “Fernweh” when I am at home. “Fernweh” is a German word, which can be roughly translated as “Wanderlust” (also a German word, but more familiar to English speakers). “Fernweh” is a longing feeling for a place somewhere far away. No matter how often I go somewhere else and how nice my home is, I cannot shake off the feeling of wanting more.

Where are so many travel blogs out there, why start one now? I want it to be a motivation for myself to dream bigger, to go father and to live the life I want to live. My current boring office job is finally going to an end. Finally there is a chance to start some new adventures and experiment a little.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?

South Korea, Seoul

Where to go, what to see and what to eat?

I have been to Seoul so many times that I am starting to lose count. But this time was quite special, because I arrived with my mom, who has never been to Asia before. We only had four days and I decided to do as much sightseeing as possible without it being too tiresome (failed though). Since Seoul is a very big and dynamic city, new places open and close all the time, but there are a lot of must-sees and must-trys. This was our itinerary:

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